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Language Processing Difficulties

Language Processing Difficulties:
The Labels... and The Experience



Well-informed and careful attention to the individual can get us beyond the labels - but thoughtful assessment helps.  It describes the language and communication difficulties so others can begin to understand them.  And it’s often necessary for funding for support.


  • Developmental Language Disorder / DLD

  • Specific Language Impairment / SLI

  • Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder

  • Auditory short term memory difficulties

  • ‘High-functioning autism’; ‘Asperger’s syndrome’;

  • Social communication disorders

  • ‘Higher level language’ problems

  • Wider issues often tagged with ‘dyslexia’: understanding some aspects of language, organising ideas using language

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / ADHD; Hyperkinetic Disorder;
    Attention Deficit Disorder / ADD

  • Some kinds of dyspraxia: organising ideas, using language to get things in order

‘The experience’ - sometimes every day, at other times only when stressed


Difficulties with:

  • everyday time-telling, life-skills, planning

  • understanding the words, but not getting the bigger meanings

  • remembering spoken words, sentences, instructions

  • remembering what you want to say or write

  • getting the words and sentences right fast enough to join in the way you’d want to

  • dealing with new words, long sentences, fast communication

  • knowing what people mean when they aren’t being exact or helpful

  • getting things in the right order

  • actually noticing when you’ve got mixed up, or misunderstood, or become disorganised

And all this can lead to:

  • feeling impatient, angry, depressed, getting help but not really joining in or feeling understood, not really knowing what to do with the advice or how to talk about all this

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