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Professional Supervision

Rising to see things anew,
not checking up and ticking off

“I have found Andrew's approach to supervision hugely supportive.  It's been liberating to talk through my clinical work without fear that 'I should know this already'.  His process of enquiry and contribution has developed my own ability to work things out and created a collaborative approach to developing my clinical knowledge and skills.” 


Securing our effectiveness


For all:

  • Reflective practice, outside the line management ‘box’

  • Cultivate the assurance our clients and colleagues expect to see in us

  • Strengthen the bridge between aspiration and action: for us, our clients, classes, caseloads

  • Review and fine-tune the steps and stages in our work


For SLTs:

  • Essential to secure professional standards (and the RCSLT 6-weekly minimum)

  • Can be generic across the profession - the process and experiences of developing communication - or draw on my experience in education and language disorder

  • Supervision for supervisors: a quality measure for our supervisees - and a resource for your sustained professional acumen


For groups:

  • Tune-up everyone’s motivation and release each of you from the group’s formal roles by bringing me in as your facilitator

  • Schedule an annual creatively-facilitated session to support reflection about the group and how it could develop

For non-SLTs - working with clients with language processing difficulties:

  • Turning our experiences into understanding and better working

  • e.g. specialist teachers, SENCOs, mentors, mental health professionals, social workers, counsellors

  • Consultations about individual clients: see the Therapy pages

  • Professional Development sessions for teams and groups (e.g CAMHS, social workers, foster carers): see the Therapy pages

1. Arrange your free
20-min consultation
2. Get on with your 90 min introductory supervision session
3. Use my follow-on email to keep the ideas from your supervision session alive and spark your ‘inner supervisor’

“Andrew is adept at striking the right balance between being encouraging, while still challenging and questioning my thoughts and ideas, to ensure I think through and reflect on a range of solutions” 


I'm looking forward to speaking with you

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