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Specialist Speech
& Language Therapy

The invisible problems from language difficulties shouldn’t be ignored


If you’ve had to deal with difficulties processing language, I know life’s challenges can be tricky, annoying and can steal your confidence.  What helps?  Well-informed support, new ideas and the right kind of practice can make a positive difference.


Many people can do more to secure improved language skills, boost self-belief and increase participation in education, in work - and in life.

Specialist Speech & Language Therapy


  • In over 20 years of experience working for and learning from young adults with language processing disorders and related impairments,  I’ve learned language processing issues keep coming up in everyday life as well as at school and college

  • A functional and forward-looking approach

  • Respect for individual stories and needs - so we can secure ways of living confidently and positively, even at those times when language overwhelms, confuses or seems to ruin everything

Some examples of helpful Speech & Language therapy:


  • Language and communication for everyday time-telling and planning

  • Owning your move from school to college

  • Devising your EHCP ‘Outcomes’ so they make a real difference: e.g. social risk, accessing healthcare, managing conflict positively, active involvement in learning

  • Building up the confidence to deal with forgetting what people have said

  • Confidently explaining what you need so you can understand and learn

  • Using language to think about choices and decisions people respect

  • Real-life communication skills to deal with social risks or multi-tasking

  • Speaking in demanding situations: at a wedding, a funeral, a presentation

  • Making more of your mental health meetings: Words and Wellbeing

1. Arrange your free
20-min consultation to analyse your goals
2. Get things moving with a session that creates your personalised strategy
3. Schedule sessions that support you through to seeing results

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