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How We Can Work Together

Acceptance - not shame - that people don’t always grow out of these difficulties. 
Action, not avoidance.



I can work with you, teachers, tutors, family, mental health workers, employers...mentors, foster-carers, social workers...counsellors, youth workers…


Speech and language therapy input works best when it extends to the people who you communicate with so they’re well-informed about what they can do, and when it shows them how to get it right more of the time.

“Andrew Knight is a highly effective practitioner and trainer.  He has made a significant and lasting contribution.” 

DB - Multi-Academy Trust leader

1. Arrange your free 20 min consultation to analyse your goals
2. Get things moving with a session that creates your custom strategy
3. Schedule sessions that support you through to seeing results

Our therapy work together will typically be at your college, school, home or workplace.  That’s where the people are who you need to communicate with the best.


New challenges? You can come back for a few sessions to get ideas and some communication coaching, which makes good sense because life keeps changing.


My work with adults and professionals who want to strengthen their communication with young adults with language processing difficulties is different from a package of direct therapy sessions.  And it’s a great way to use the expertise of a specialist therapist.  It’s best done with a planning-and-introductions meeting that includes immediate ideas and advice, then a main session, with a shorter follow-up meeting within two months.  We can stay in touch between meetings by email to think about how the communication changes are working out in everyday life, and to talk through any surprises or new developments.

I’m based in Hampshire.  We can usually work out a package that includes me coming to you in Central London, Sussex or on the Isle of Wight.  Get in touch and let’s talk.

Central London  •  Hampshire  •  Sussex  •  Isle of Wight

I'm looking forward to speaking with you

Email me at  contact@andrew-knight-slt.co.uk

or Call me on  07821 621 665

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